What makes our milk different


Like me, you may remember the above adverts with nostalgic pleasure, but what they are selling now seems to leave many people cold. We drink much less milk than we used to, 14% less over the last ten years, and we long ago lost our appreciation of it as a high quality, nutritious food. Now, cow milk is a commodity. Something supermarkets use as a loss leader to lure us into their isles, even though most of us, like out of touch politicians, don’t remember what we paid for the milk we picked up so casually. Meanwhile, farmers get paid a lot less for it. Over the years, the farmers who have managed to stay in the business have pumped out more volume, yet the value has declined.


10,000: Number of dairy farms we've lost since 2002


These days, most people don’t even think about milk having a quality, it’s just milk. If you visit a supermarket all you can choose from, if you’re looking at cow’s milk, is the fat level. As a nation we don’t value the cow or the labour that’s gone in to producing that milk, it’s cheaper than mineral water.

For all the images of cows in fields, the consumer has no idea of where that milk came from and to what life the cows who produced it were afforded, as big dairies pool milk from thousands of different farms, stripping it of its provenance. Imagine taking all the wine from all the different regions of France and pooling it together, labelling it simply as wine. This is what happens to milk

But milk is far more complex that that.

As grape varieties change the taste of wine, cow breeds change the taste of milk. Regions dramatically affect wine as they do to milk. Wine has terroir and so does milk.

Simple cow aims to change this perception. We want people to rediscover the value of milk. Our milk comes from one single farm. A small, traditional family farm, where cows are grass fed and lovingly cared for. The milk is simply pasteurised and delivered fresh to the vending machine daily, and it is this that makes our milk so special.

Milk like it used to taste

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