Empty 1 litre glass bottle and lid

Empty 1 litre glass bottle and lid

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1 litre reusable glass bottle and lid for milk refill

Washing instructions

Most importantly rinse your bottle with cold water first, put the lid back on and give it a good shake. Check that all milk residue is off the bottle inside and out and especially around the thread at the top. If there is milk residue on the bottle use a bottle brush to remove especially inside.

Use hot soapy water to rinse and scrub bottle using bottle brush. You may instead of this put the bottle in your dishwasher but make sure there is no residue on the bottle at all or it will bake it on and then it is very difficult to remove.

Let bottle dry upside down so that there is no condensation before you put the cap back on. You may leave the cap loose to let the bottle breathe. This is a very important step as if there is water left in the bottle it may contaminate the next lot of milk.

Always give your bottle the smell check before you leave to come to the farm to fill your bottles. If there is any odour other than the sweet smell of detergent then rewash your bottles. If bottles are not cleaned correctly or have wash water left in them the smell is very pungent and you will know immediately that they may cause an issue.

We place so much emphasis on this because it is the only thing in our process that is not in our control. We do not want our customers to get sick because their bottles weren’t cleaned properly and had some bad bugs grow and then get mixed with a nice batch of fresh milk. Unfortunately I do see a few bottles that are poorly cleaned when people turn up to fill their milk so please take care to wash your bottles well every time.
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