Our story

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I come from a long, proud line of dairy farmers; for over 100 years, my family has worked hard to sustainably produce the best milk you can buy. We do this because we’re driven to keep farming.
"For us it’s more than a business, it’s what we live and breathe"
This is why I’m here today. I know that passion alone is not enough to keep my family on the land. Nor are generations of knowledge, a commitment to sustainable farming, or our beautiful mixed breed herd. But together, these achievements, big and small, amount to something precious. And that’s what we call......

I started Simple Cow to deliver the best-tasting, single source milk you can drink, to as many people as possible. It’s my belief that such quality dairy shouldn’t be reserved for the lucky few; it should be readily available to many, supporting the economy in which it was made.
Our farm in the village of Chilcompton allows us to achieve this. We see the product from start to finish, milking through processing and into the vending machine or on your doorstep. This smallness, the intimacy of our process, is what guarantees the integrity, quality and health benefits of our delicious single source milk.
But what really makes us special is our approach to farming. Our cows are all sorts of shades of red, brown, fawn and black and some even look spotty or splodgy. That’s because we farm with what’s called a Mixed Breed Herd made up of British Friesians, Shorthorn, Ayrshires, Montbeliarde, Brown Swiss and Jersey. It’s a more gentle, ethical and traditional approach to dairying.
 Our mix of cows results in a herd with a mellow nature. Our cows calve easily and enjoy a long life span. And most importantly to us the female and male calves are both of value on the farm. Many dairies achieve a high milk yield by using a Holstein herd but we know our way has the animal’s welfare as top priority so we’re quite happy to swap lower milk yields for the well-being of our cows
Simple Cow delivers high quality milk from one dairy, traceable down to the very cow that made it. It’s the smallness of our process combined with our ability to supply enough milk that allows us to share our milk with many.
I’m so excited to bring our Simple Cow milk to you. It’s everything we believe in, captured in a bottle.



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